I have lived in Burwash for over fifty years. My early years were spent in the Dudwell valley where many a day was spent exploring the fields and woods of the valley. I then moved into the village and this gave me the opportunity to explore the Rother valley. In those days there was a lot more freedom to explore without being restricted to the footpaths.

As walking became my hobby it was the Southdowns that I explored and it wasn’t until the rise in the price of fuel that I came back to exploring the many footpaths around Burwash.

Searching the internet for walks from Burwash it become apparent that despite the many footpaths in the area there was very few documented walks, so I started to plan my own walks and making notes as I explored the many footpaths in the area. I have almost 20 walks starting from Burwash with many of them connecting the local villages. There are a mixture of long and shorter walks some of which intertwine, but each have their own character.

 I decided it would be a good idea to share the walks and by creating a website it would give all fellow walkers the opportunity to enjoy the wonderful scenery and views available in this area.

Every effort is made to ensure the route descriptions are correct, but they are only meant as a guide and may be open to misinterpretation. At all times they should be used in conjunction with the appropriate Ordnance Survey Maps. It is also up to the individual user of this site to decide if the walks are within their capabilities before starting out.