Circular Walk

Starting From Heathfield

Passing Through Mayfield

Heathfield to Mayfield  

Approximately 9.38 miles  5 hours

Ordnance Survey Explorer Maps 135

Refreshments: Middle House Mayfield. Shoppes in Mayfield

This walk follows the bridleway along a ridge to the northwest of Heathfield with good views across the High Weald. The return route makes use of the bridleway to the northeast this one is mainly through woodland which is spectacular during the bluebell season. Parts of Newick lane are used and great care is needed as traffic can be fast moving. It is worth spending sometime exploring Mayfield which was the centre of the Wealdon Iron industry and many of the buildings date back to that time.

Start Mill road car park (behind the fire station, west end of the High Street).


OS Grid Ref. TQ577 213. Nearby post code TN21 OXU


  1. Leave the car park down the steps in the north east corner to the main road. Turn left and follow the main road to the junction with the A267 Eastbourne road and then turn right onto the footpath opposite the junction.

  2. Continue on the path ignoring any side paths to eventually arrive at a concrete road. Turn right along the concrete road to English Woodlands here turn right onto a track. Continue on the track, passing to the right of a house and then continuing to Herrings Farm.

  3. At Herrings Farm, turn right onto a track in front of the farm buildings to then join a grass track between hedges to a gate. Go through the gate and then continue forward in the field with the hedge on your right to another gate.

  4. Go through this gate and continue on the track. Just before the track goes into a field turn right onto a path. Continue to follow this path to an access road and then turn left and follow the access road to a lane.

  5. Turn left along the lane and then after crossing a bridge over a river turn left over a stile into a field. Follow a path to the next stile. Cross this stile and continue straight across the field to the stile opposite.

  6. Cross two stiles and then follow an enclosed path to another stile. Cross the stile and then follow a path through an orchard to a gate onto an access road. Turn right along the access road to a lane.

  7. Turn left along the lane and then just before the road starts to go up hill turn right onto a path through woodland, keeping the fence on the right.

  8. Exit the woodland and continue with the fence on the right through two fields to a small building in the field corner.

  9. Pass behind the building and maintain the same direction across the access road into the field opposite and then keep forward with the fence on the right to a stile in the far corner into woodland.

  10. Follow a path through the woodland to cross a footbridge and then continue uphill staying on the path to eventually arrive at a road. Turn left along the road and look for a path between hedges on the right. Follow this path to a road. Cross the road to the path between buildings (Star Lane), follow this to the High Street.

  11. Turn right along the High Street passing Middle House and then turn right down Holders Lane. Follow Holders lane downhill to junction with the Avenue, here turn right.

  12. Continue along the Avenue to just past the end of the car park and then turn left on a path beside White Rose Cottage. Continue downhill on the path to a road and then continue forward still going downhill and passing the Bowls club.

  13. At a sign “private Road leading to Versyns Farm” keep right going downhill to a house gate and then take the enclosed path beside the gate.

  14. Continue on this path down to a footbridge. Cross the first footbridge and then keep left and follow the path to a road. Turn right on the road and follow the road downhill, crossing a small stream. The road then starts to climb uphill and just past road sign take footpath on the left.

  15. The path is enclosed to start with then crosses a stile into a field. Continue forward with field boundary on the right through three fields to a footbridge over the river. Cross the footbridge and bear right to a gate. Go through the gate and follow the path with a fence on the left and then continue forward when path becomes enclosed with wall on the right.

  16. Turn right through a kissing gate and continue forward onto an access road. Follow the access road keeping right at the junction by a Farm to the road.

  17. Turn left along the road passing Old Mill farm and then turning right onto Cycle Way 21(Blue sign). Go through a gate and follow well defined path/track ahead.

  18. Follow this bridlepath all the way back to Heathfield, keeping right at a farm and then eventually following a road to traffic lights. Turn right at the Traffic lights down the main road. Continuing along the High Street back to the car park.