Circular Walk Starting From Heathfield 

Passing Through

Sapperton Manor Farm

Sapperton Manor Farm 

Approximately 4.59 miles  2.5 hours
Ordnance Survey Explorer Maps 123


This is a short but varied walk. Starting with a walk through Slade wood to Theobalds Green. From here the walk crosses the B2203 and then continues through Sapperton meadows, a Site of Special Scientific Interest. The walk then passes through Sapperton Manor farm and then an old mill pond is passed. The walk continues to Sandy Cross where the Cuckoo Trail is followed back to Heathfield.

Refreshments:  None on route

Start. Mill road car park (behind the fire station, west end of the high street).

          OS Grid Ref. TQ577 213. Nearby post code TN21 OXU

Leave the car park by the vehicle entrance and turn left down Mill Lane. At the bottom of the hill turn right into Tilsmore Road and follow this to the end. At the end of Tilsmore Road continue forward across the road to the enclosed path opposite.

Follow the enclosed path to a lane and then turn right along the lane to an access road on the left beside Pook Reed house. Turn left onto the access road and follow until there is a gate across the road and a footpath on the left.

Turn left onto the footpath and then continue on the path through the woodland to a footbridge. Cross the footbridge and then continue uphill to the main road.

Cross the main road and then continue forward up the driveway to Theobalds Green Farm. When driveway bends left, turn right onto an enclosed footpath.

Follow the enclosed footpath to a field and then continue forward across the field aiming to the right of the farm buildings in the distance to locate a stile in the hedge.

Cross the stile and continue forward across the field to another stile. Cross this stile and then continue forward in the next field keeping the hedge on the right to a gateway in the field corner.

Go through the gateway and then cross the stile on your left. Continue forward with the hedge on your right through two fields to a stile in the hedge on your right.

Cross the stile and then turn left, and follow a path through a gap in the hedge. Continue following the path across the field to a stile. Cross the stile and then go right then left onto a path heading towards the farm.

Go through the gate to the right of a brick building and then continue along the access road passing to the right of the house.

Continue along the access road into a field. About halfway across the field just as the road starts to go downhill to a stream turn left to footbridge. Cross the footbridge and then continue on an enclosed path/track. Follow the track/path to a lake and then turn left on a path beside the lake.

At a path junction do not cross the stile on your left but keep forward over a stile to then follow a path to a concrete road. Turn right along the concrete road. Continue along the concrete road and then a track passing to the left of a house and then through a gate onto a lane.

Continue forward along the lane to a road junction. At the junction turn left onto an enclosed path. Continue following a path through fields and woodland to eventually cross a stile onto a road.

Turn right along the road and then keep straight on when road becomes more like a track. Continue until road/track ends at a road junction. Turn left along the road to the main road. Cross the main road and then go down steps to a road.

Continue to follow the road downhill to the point where the Cuckoo Trail crosses. Turn right along the Cuckoo Trail and then follow it until it ends at a car park.

 At the car park continue forward to a road and then cross over and follow enclosed path to the left of an industrial unite. At the road continue forward to a road junction and then turn right.

Cross over the bridge and then turn left onto path heading uphill to the High street. Turn left along the High Street back to the car park.