Circular Walk Starting From Wadhurst 

to Bewl Water

Short Bewl Water

Approximately 6 miles  3 hours
Ordnance Survey Explorer Maps 136

Refreshments: None on route. Greyhound Inn at the start.

Bewl water is the largest stretch of open water in the South East and there are many activities on and off the water. The “Around Bewl Water” path is through woodland a lot of the time but there are many views of the reservoir. This walk also uses sections of paths that are not part of the Around Bewl water route. Quiet country roads are used for short sections. The walk is hilly towards the end.    

Start Public car park behind The Greyhound Inn on the High Street Wadhurst.

OS Grid Ref. TQ 640 316. Nearby post code TN5 6AP

It can be difficult to park here when the school is open. If so, there is a car park and roadside parking in Washwell lane beside the White Hart Pub.


  1. Leave the car park by the vehicle entrance, cross the main road and continue along Blacksmiths Lane.

  2. Continue along Blacksmiths lane to a sharp left hand bend then continue forward on a track to Little Pell Farm. Pass to the left of a house then keep forward on the track keeping the farm buildings to your right.

  3. Continue on the track through gates. The track passes to the right of a pond and eventually turns into a path leading to a stile. Cross the stile and then continue forward along the left hand side of a field to a stile.

  4. Cross the stile then turn right to continue on the round Bewl Water path. Continue following the path to a sign (Bewl water route). Here turn right and follow the Bewl water route uphill away from the reservoir.

  5. The path ends at an access road. Turn right along the access road and then turn left onto the access road to Bryant’s Farm. Continue along the access road and look for a footpath on the right.

  6.  Turn right onto the footpath and follow it through woodland. When the path reaches a junction with a track turn right through a wooden gate and continue uphill on the track/road to a junction. At the junction keep left.

  7. Continue along the road ignoring all footpaths on the right until you reach Rosemary Cottage. Turn right onto the driveway next to the cottage

  8. Continue through a gate into a field and then continue forward with the hedge on your right through three fields to a farm. Continue forward through the farmyard to join the access road. Follow the access road to a lane.

  9. Turn left along the lane to a gate on the right. Turn right through the gate and then continue with the fence on your right to an old gateway. Go through the gateway and then turn left. Continue along a sunken track to a gateway and bridge in the field corner.

  10. Cross the bridge and then continue forward following a faint track. Continue to a gate on the right-hand side of a bungalow on to the access road. Turn left along the access road and follow to a kissing gate on your right.

  11. Go down the steps and through the kissing gate and then continue forward with a fence on your right until the path swings left to a stile into the woodland. Cross the stile and then turn left.

  12. Keep right at a junction and then cross a bridge and go through the right-hand gateway of the two gateways. Continue along the left edge of the field to the top left corner and then go through the narrow gap in the hedge onto the access road.

  13. Cross the access road into the field opposite, bear left crossing the field diagonally to a stile in the far corner. Cross the stile onto the main road and then turn right towards Wadhurst and the car park.