Circular walk starting from Burwash via Three Cups

Three Cups

9 miles      about 4.5 hours

Ordnance Survey Explorer Maps 124 and 136


Refreshments: The Three Cups Inn at Three Cups.  


 This walk starts by going through fields down into the Dudwell valley and then passes Rudyard Kipling’s former house, Batemans. The walk continues through Park Farm and into High Wood to Perch Hill. From Perch Hill the walk climbs onto Brightling Down and from this good view point a large part of East Sussex can be seen. You then continue through Little Worge Farm and Glazier’s Forge before entering Dallington Forest. After visiting the small hamlet of Three cups the walk continues mainly through wood land into the Dudwell Valley. The river Dudwell is crossed and then it is a long climb to the villages of Burwash common and Burwash Weald. From Burwash Weald the walk continues over pasture and through the now abandoned Rye Green Farm with its buildings hidden in the undergrowth. From Rye Green Farm the walk climbs through meadows that at certain times of the year are full of wild flowers.     

Directions: Start Burwash car park. OS Grid Ref. TQ673246. Nearby post code TN19 7ET


  1. Leave the car park by a path between the toilets and the Bear Motel into a field and continue downhill with the hedge on the right to locate a footbridge in the hedge. Cross the bridge and then continue straight across the field keeping a fence on your right to a small gate.

  2. Pass through the gate and then continue in the same direction, keeping the hedge on your right to locate a footpath gate in the hedge.

  3. Go through the gate and then head down the hill to the bottom right hand corner of the field. Go through the gateway in the corner of the field and then continue downhill, keeping the hedge on the left to a stile onto the road.

  4. Cross the stile onto the road and then turn right and follow the road to Batemans House. In front of the house turn left onto a farm access road.

  5. Continue along the access road passing some cottages and then through two gates into the farm yard. Continue forward with the farm buildings on you right and then take the path straight ahead into the woodland.

  6. Follow the path through the woodland to a gate. Go through the gate and then follow the edge of the field to another gate into the forest on the right.

  7. Go through the gate and continue along the path through the forest to a staggered crossing of paths and a forest ride. Turn left along the forest ride and then immediately right onto a path.

  8. Continuing up the path ignoring a track going off to the right. Continue forward passing to the left of a house and then following the access road to Willingford Lane. Turn left on the road. Continue pass the entrance to the forest on the right and then take the signed footpath on the right which is at the edge of the forest. There are some cattle handling pens here.

  9. Having negotiated around the cattle pens, continue between the fences with the forest on the right and a field on the left, to a stile in the corner beside a gate. Cross the stile and then head uphill, aiming for the top right hand corner of the field.

  10. Pass into the next field and continue uphill with the woodland on the left, to a Stile. Cross the stile and then head straight across the paddock to a gate onto the driveway.

  11. Turn right and follow the driveway to Little Worge Farm where most of the buildings have been converted to houses. Continue straight down the driveway to a gate into the front garden of a barn conversion.

  12. Pass through the gate and continue forward to a small gate just past the garage. Continue in the same direction between hedges to a gate into a wood. Continue on the path through the wood ignoring all the side paths, eventually heading downhill to join the driveway to Glazier’s Forge.

  13. Turn right on the driveway. Do not turn left onto the concrete road leading to the stables, instead continue on the driveway which bends to the left and then over a bridge. After crossing the bridge keep right to take a path to the right of the entrance to a house.

  14. Ignore the stile into a field instead, follow the enclosed path uphill, beside the garden, into the forest. Continue through the forest, ignoring all rides going left and right to eventually arrive on a tarmac driveway.

  15. Turn left along the drive to where a bridleway crosses. If you wish to go to the Three Cups Inn for refreshment, turn left here. If you want to miss out Three Cups Inn, then turn right and continue at 18.

  16. Having turned left for Three Cups Inn, continue along the bridleway until you reach a staggered crossing of tracks. Take the one that is in front and to your right. (Remember which track you came along as you will return this way). Follow the track to the road and The Three Cups Inn is to the left, on the opposite side of the road. Take care as this road has fast moving traffic. To continue the walk return the same way to the tarmac driveway.

  17. Having returned to the tarmac driveway, crossover the driveway.

  18. Follow the bridleway into a forest and then continue downhill and at the crossing of tracks, continue forward downhill with a tall wooded panel fence on the right. On reaching a footbridge, cross it and carry straight on uphill until you come to a narrow road.

  19. Turn right on the narrow road and continue uphill passing Luck Farm Industrial Estate on the right. Having passed this look for a footpath on the right and then follow it. To start with it is enclosed but where it becomes more open the path is well defined.  Don’t take any side paths into gardens. On reaching the road, turn left.

  20. Continue along the road and then at a junction keep right. Continue to where the road forks and then keep right and following the road down to the main road.

  21. Cross the main road and then turn right on the pavement going downhill. Pass the Wheel Inn on your left. Continue on the pavement until it ends and then cross the road to proceed along Burnt House Farm Driveway which curves left then right before continuing downhill. Ignore all turnings to the right until reaching Burnt House Farm House. Here, keep right and then where the driveway turns sharp right continue forward through the gate into a field.

  22. Pass through the gate and continue down to a kissing gate in the fence on your left. Pass through the kissing gate and then bear right to another kissing gate below a brick water tank. Go through the kissing gate and then continue across the field with a fence on your left to a stile.

  23. Cross the stile into the next field and then continue in the same direction to the next gateway. Pass through the gateway into the next field and then head downhill keeping the hedge on the right, to a stile.

  24. Cross over the stile and then follow the path through the woodland passing between ponds. Continue across the field on a path which is normally well defined, but if it is not, bear slightly right and cross the field along the top of the hill to a gateway.

  25. Go through the gateway onto a driveway and then turn right, (Do not enter Rye Green Farm House) instead follow the old driveway down to Rye Green Farm, passing between the derelict and overgrown buildings to a stile.

  26. Cross the stile and then head uphill to the top right hand corner of the field. Pass through a gateway and then continue uphill in the next field to a stile in the top right hand corner.

  27. Cross the stile and then follow the path through a small wood to a footpath gate. Go through the footpath gate into a field and then follow the hedge on the left to a stile

  28. Cross the stile back into a small wood, turn right and follow the path to a field, cross a stile, and then turn left uphill keeping the hedge on the left. At the top left hand corner of the field cross over a stile and then go down some steps to a road. Turn right and follow the road back to the Bear Car Park.

Park Farm

Access road to Park Farm